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Wong Ting Fung is a designer, illustrator and artist form Hong Kong, and along the years he has worked for some recognized agencies and clients.

He has worked in design over 10 years, collaborating with global & regional brands across diverse disciplines and markets, developing an expertise in creating unique designs with an Asia twist that appeal to a worldwide audience.

As an artist, he continue to develop various projects that allow him to honestly express myself. It based on his thoughts and inspired by culture and life. He uses pen, ink, brush and paste up to mix his projects. He is interested of look at things with a different perspective and looking for contradiction in human, life and society. So He has different style and strong contrast to create his work.The result is usually very surrealistic and ironic, with attention to detail.

If you have any interest in my collection, I would really like to meet and exchange ideas. 

Thanks for your time and look forward to hearing from you soon.